us-navy-seals-logoLate in the 2011 preseason, the USC Rugby Team made its way south for an afternoon of Navy Seals training at the Amphibious Base in Coronado, California. After some initial remarks and military outfitting, we hit the beach for team-building exercises designed to push our physical and mental limits. Our Naval instructors wasted no time breaking the team in. Within minutes we were doused in sea-water and covered from head to toe in sand, enthusiastically executing barked commands for dune-sprints and push-ups.

These would continue throughout the day. Dividing the team into units, our instructors then led us through a number of inter-squad races. While some competitions took the form of relays, like individual tire flips, the majority of events focused on teamwork. Log crunches, log carries, log pushes, and team tunnel-crawls demanded that no team member exert less than full effort.

Though physically and mentally spent, we finished the day in high spirits and with a much-needed cold shower. USC Rugby drove back to LA – a fitter, stronger, and more cohesive unit. We were grateful for the rewarding experience and remember it fondly.

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