By USC Rugby Player Zach G.

Formal_Viterbi_MASTERAs much as I love engineering and everything associated with Viterbi, at the same time I enjoy getting to know people in different majors and associate with different groups. Having played rugby my senior year of high school, I knew when I came to SC that I wanted to continue playing the sport. Being the only person from my high school to come out to USC also pushed me to try out for the team and meet new people.

What I love the most about the rugby team is the camaraderie between all of the guys on the team. Some of my best friends are on the team, and we all like to hang out outside or practice and games. The team has allowed me to meet a ton of different people at the university who I otherwise would not know. While playing a sport does represent a significant time commitment, I make it work with my engineering course load and wouldn’t want to have it any other way.



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