uscrfc-logoOur crest serves as a recognizable symbol of our club and of who we are.  Every element of this crest carries special meaning for us – know what each represents, and wear it proudly both on and off the field.

The field of our crest is divided into three parts:

  • Across the top – the sun setting into the ocean, a symbol of the west, of our home, of alma mater.  A reminder of the phrase from All Hail that “Where western sky meets western sea, Our College stands in majesty.”  Also featured on our University’s seal, the Sun and the ocean it sets into represent power, life, and perpetuity.
  • On the left – A Trojan’s sword stands driven into the ground, with a shield leaning against it.  Two symbols of war show that we will attack our enemies and defend our home no matter the obstacle.  The sword is thrust into the ground, claiming the field of battle and daring our challengers to defy us.  While the shield may be there to represent our staunch defense, it leans against the sword – we do not shy away from blows or hide behind anything that might block us from the thrill of battle.
  • On the right – A palm frond (NOT the New Zealand fern). In ancient times, the winner of a contest was given a palm branch as a trophy and token of victory.  This is referred to in our university’s motto: “Palmam qui meruit ferat” – “Let he who has earned the palm bear it.”  Thus, the palm represents hard work in the pursuit of excellence, and ultimate victory.  Our club earns its victories by being the most prepared and dedicated team in any contest.

At the top of the field – A Trojan helmet – a reference to our heritage as Trojans – We fight on and persevere through any challenge with courage.  The helmet is empty – we face our opponents with nothing but our skill, strength, and tenacity.

“Est. 1886”

By many accounts, we are the oldest sport at this university.  We were formed two years before the football squad, and our history is long and storied.


In whatever we do, we represent our University and the sport of rugby.  We are the University of Southern California Rugby Football Club.

Fight On!

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