At a meeting in April 2015, the Laws Representation Group (LRG) considered the areas of the Game where, it had been agreed that Law amendments were not required but that current Law was to be enforced by match officials including:


High Tackles and Neck contact – Law 10.4(e)

Every time the head or the neck is deliberately grabbed or choked, the offending player runs the risk of receiving a yellow or red card

Cleanouts around the neck must be penalised

Match officials should work together to ensure that foul play is strictly penalised and that player welfare is paramount

High tackles

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Neck contact

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Challenging players in the air – Law 10.4(i)

Play on – Fair challenge with both players in a realistic position to catch the ball. Even if the player(s) land(s) dangerously, play on
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  • Penalty only – Fair challenge with wrong timing – No pulling down
  • Yellow card – Not a fair challenge, there is no contest and the player is pulled down landing on his back or side
  • Red card – Not a fair challenge, there is no contest and the player lands on his head, neck or shoulder

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Scrum feed – Law 20.6(d)

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  1. Ensure that all scrum feeds are credible
  2. Free Kick if clearly not straight
  3. Look for shoulders not being parallel
  4. Manage the situation

Communication – Law 20.4(e,f)

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  1. If scrum is or becomes stationary
  2. If ball is available (No. 8 feet)
  3. The referee will call “use it”


Sanction all players who join in front of the ball carrier – Law 17.4(c)

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The ripper must be bound – it will be accidental offside

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