This past weekend, USC Rugby had the pleasure of holding a match against the Sydney University Football Club who has been on a tour of the West Coast. This was a great opportunity for our boys to learn from players who live and breathe the sport. The day started with the viewing of the Rugby World Cup final between New Zealand and Australia; the passion expressed by the SUFC players, several of whom are on track to play for the Wallabies, made the occasion a tense affair.

Following Australia’s loss to the All Blacks, the SUFC boys had no mercy when they stepped on the field to play USC. However, despite a score-line that suggested an overly lopsided matchup, there was much to be learned from playing a far superior opposition. The way SUFC moved the ball, the way they always attacked on the front foot, the way every breakdown was met with pure might, are the ways in which USC Rugby must learn to approach the game. It was a true spectacle that we in the United States are not exposed to enough. For the game to grow here, we must welcome more teams like the Sydney University Football Club with open arms, even if it means playing against a far superior opposition.

After 40 minutes of play, a number of players from both teams swapped jerseys and played another 40 minutes for the opposing team. The USC players could now compete alongside the talent that had opposed them the half before. In the true spirit of rugby, the day ended on a positive note.

Thank you, SUFC, for helping to grow the sport in the US and for giving us a good day of rugby.

Photos from the match:

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