Name: Jeff Stratford

Year: Senior

Position: Prop/Lock

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana

High School: Carmel High School

Major: Theatre with a Chemistry Minor

Most Memorable Moment Playing Rugby: The time I played my first full match. Eighty minutes of non-stop rugger football style love of the game. Hooray!

Favorite Rugby Player: Nemani Nadolo

Favorite Post-Game Meal: Salmon with a vegetable medley, hummus, and tortilla chips.

Favorite Pre-Game Music: Broken Bells, HAIM, Sylvan Esso, Erik Satie, Litte Dragon, WILCO

If I were an animal, I would be: The mythical Cloud Cat. Think all white cougar with wings. They are born in the air and must learn to fly before hitting the Earth. In the air they remain all their lives. You’ve never seen one because they are all white and stick to the clouds.

Three items I would bring to a deserted island: A Kindle with every book ever, a Typewriter with infinite paper/ink, and my Cat, Puma.

Celebrity Crush: Danielle Haim

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