Another perfect Southern California rugby day for the USC Rugby Alumni match held on the USC campus. With Coach Dave Lytle’s retirement banquet that evening, the Alumni team had extra players ready for subbing. This was going to be a long match for the USC Rugby team.

From the opening kick-off, both teams were eager to move the ball and push through the defensive line. The opening score was Joey Krassenstein picking off an Alumni backline pass to zip away for the try. This woke up the Alumni, and didn’t take long for the Alumni to find a gap and push through – and not surprisingly current Forwards Coach Austin Reed did the most damage – with his knowledge of the current team, he picked his targets wisely.

The tries kept coming for the Alumni who seemed to find more energy as the game progressed. Even with USA Eagle Adam Siddall playing fly-half for the students, couldn’t find a way through the stingy Alumni defense. It wasn’t long until Adam, also a USC Law graduate student, switched jerseys and messed up the Alumni attack.

Super speedster winger, Dave Lytle, finally got his hands on the ball and dodged a tackle and carried another tackler with him over the try line to score.

The final score was USC Alumni 60 – USC Rugby 21.

Man of the Match was Dave Lytle. Scoring a try at age 78 is pretty awesome. Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the game a huge success. Fight on!

Photos from the match:



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2009 USC Rugby Team. Undefeated season. Fight on!

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